Building success

Penta Real Estate’s WALTROVKA project builds on the success of the previously completed phases of the Jinonice development at Waltrovka. We mix the functionality-fronted, performance-driven world of today and its services with greenery, comfort, and relaxation. We honor the site’s industrial legacy, and we create with the genius loci in mind. We bring new life to the site while respecting its history.

Aviatica, Mechanica, and Dynamica are offi ce buildings within the offi ce and residential development project, Waltrovka, located in the Prague 5-Jinonice district. The complex lets over 74.000 sq m of offi ce and shop space ana 700 residential units.



Drone footage

Come with us for a while to forget about the freezing weather and let yourself be carried away by the colorful beauty and warm sun rays of autumn. 🍁



Exciting news from Nová Waltrovka! Construction work on the ZLEEP hotel, located right next to our Metalica and Legatica office buildings, is progressing rapidly. The rough construction has been completed, all windows have been installed, and the entire building is now insulated.


Construction on Nová Waltrovka is in full swing!

Halfway between the Radlická and Jinonice B metro stations, directly below the Malvazinek slope, more than 500 premium flats, two modern office buildings...


Floor plans


Floor Offices Retail Storages Terraces Common
1. NP 0,0 sq m 2 533,8 sq m 0,0 sq m 0,0 sq m 648,2 sq m
mezzanine 1 836,0 sq m 0,0 sq m 0,0 sq m 0,0 sq m 189,5 sq m
2. NP 3 770,0 sq m 0,0 sq m 0,0 sq m 0,0 sq m 287,2 sq m
3. NP 3 768,0 sq m 0,0 sq m 0,0 sq m 0,0 sq m 287,2 sq m
4. NP 3 501,0 sq m 0,0 sq m 0,0 sq m 179,7 sq m 287,2 sq m
5. NP 3 076,0 sq m 0,0 sq m 0,0 sq m 356,0 sq m 287,2 sq m
6. NP 535,0 sq m 0,0 sq m 0,0 sq m 674,5 sq m 143,3 sq m
Total 16 486,0 sq m 2 533,8 sq m 0,0 sq m 1 210,2 sq m 2 129,8 sq m


Floor Offices Retail Storages Terraces Common
1. NP 0,0 sq m 1 283,2 sq m 7,2 sq m 0,0 sq m 341,0 sq m
2. NP 1 852,6 sq m 0,0 sq m 0,0 sq m 0,0 sq m 185,3 sq m
3. NP 1 852,7 sq m 0,0 sq m 0,0 sq m 0,0 sq m 185,3 sq m
4. NP 1 852,7 sq m 0,0 sq m 0,0 sq m 0,0 sq m 185,3 sq m
5. NP 1 511,0 sq m 0,0 sq m 0,0 sq m 239,0 sq m 185,3 sq m
6. NP 414,0 sq m 0,0 sq m 0,0 sq m 126,7 sq m 82,0 sq m
Total 7 483,0 sq m 1 283,2 sq m 7,2 sq m 365,7 sq m 1 164,2 sq m

Standards and benefits

Community garden with beehives
Common terrace with BBQ
Bike racks
Artistic and water elements
Parking in underground garage
Chargers for electric vehicles
Leed gold certification
WELL certified



The foundry

The well-preserved foundry returns the memory to the time when the original factories were established and revives the genius loci. This historic building is designed to operate a restaurant and offers a capacity of about 85 seats on the ground floor with the possibility of using the upper floor for additional 84 seats. The foundry offers a size of over 700 sq m and thus becomes an indispensable element and a dominant feature of Nová Waltrovka.

The foundry inspired us during the process of selection of the office building names. By metal finishing - METALICA - and by adding another elements, the purer cast is created, this process is called “alloying” (in Czech “legování”) - LEGATICA. The foundry was also our guide during the selection of industrial design of the common areas (lobby, reception) of both administrative buildings.

Smíchov, Anděl 15 minutes


Leasing and marketing

Miloš Kocián
Senior Leasing Manager
Mobil: +420 737 205 563
Filip Cidlinský
Senior Leasing Consultant
Mobil: +420 737 811 124
Ivo Mravinac
PR Specialist and Spokesperson
Telefon: +420 225 101 109
Mobil: +420 606 656 930

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