Construction works on Nová Waltrovka are underway in accordance with the plan!

The new subsequent phase of the successfully completed Waltrovka project called familiarly Nová Waltrovka, which has entered construction last year, is progressing incredibly fast. The complex works on two office buildings are currently underway - Metalica and Legatica, as well as a new Zleep brand hotel, followed by the construction of apartments from the 1st stage in the H1H2 building. At the moment, we are being assisted by 8 cranes spread throughout the construction site - which is the largest number of cranes we have ever had on a single site!

All 8 cranes serve us primarily to ensure fluidity in the distribution of materials. A dedicated crane coordinator is present at the construction site to ensure safety and coordinate crane work. One of our cranes even belongs to the largest of this type, which you can see in the Czech Republic - a self-weighting crane with an arm length of 45 m and an incredible load capacity of 4500 kg.

Another interesting feature of the cranes in Nová Waltrovka is that they remain unlocked all night and the arms therefore move freely with the movement of the wind.

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